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Recent Press Releases issued by

Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK)

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"A Non-Profit Civil Liberties Organisation"

about the availability of the JET Report on the Internet

and its up-to-date coverage including mirror sites and the problems with the hyperlinks

Last Updated 11/08 1997

For Immediate Release - 4 August 1997

‘UK JET Report Controversy over - Notts CC backs down?/FONT>

The Nottinghamshire County Council appeared to concede that the mirror campaign organised by Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK) had rendered its legal action counterproductive, and the formerly banned JET Report is expected to be available at its original place at <http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~dlheb/Default.htm> sometime later this week.
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According to the official Nottinghamshire County Council Press Release ‘bringing this action was the right thing to do,? but the Chair of Social Services Tim Bell stated that:

‘We have been faced with a technology running at a pace which exceeds the law’s ability to adopt to deal with it and the best interests of Nottinghamshire people would not be served by running up large bills in difficult areas of law.?/FONT>
The Council even paid the legal costs of one of the defendants, Mr John Gwatkin.

According to Yaman Akdeniz, head of the Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK) group ‘the decision of the County Council is probably influenced by the recent decision of the UK police to drop charges in an 18 month investigation involving the availability of a blasphemous poem by James Kirkup on the Internet.?/FONT>

‘The issue in the availability of the JET Report is public interest and freedom of information. The wide availability of the JET Report on the Internet is just another of this kind of colloboration by the netizens on the Internet against nation-states and their local bodies. The global Internet does not recognise boundaries and will resist any attempts by individual governments and law enforcement bodies to suppress or censor information on it.?/FONT>
Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK) would like to thank all the netizens involved with the dissemination of the JET Report on the Internet and also to the Internet media who has covered the issue widely so far.
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Yaman Akdeniz, also stated that:

‘There are currently 35 mirror sites and every time the County Council tried to stop the publication of the JET Report, their action spawned another dozen mirror sites. This case is reminiscent of the unsuccessful attempts of the UK Government to stop the publication of the Spycatcher novel in 1986 in Australia which involved the memoirs of Peter Wright, a senior officer in MI5 from 1955 to 1976. Spycatcher was also published in the USA and Canada following its initial publication in Australia. As in the case of Spycatcher it proved impossible to stop the publication of the JET Report; the genie is out of the bottle.?/FONT>
‘It may be argued that if the Nottinghamshire CC was successful with their court action that the hypertext links are also copyrightable the outcome would have a chilling effect on the development of the Internet within the UK and elsewhere.?/FONT>

Background information, News Coverage and Mirror Sites of the JET Report

These pages include the recent developments related to the availability of the JET Report on the Internet including the threats of the Nottinghamshire County Council to Dr Michael Baker (Australia), Nils Kammenhuber (Germany), Professor Peter Junger (USA) and Jeremy Harmer (Canada).
  Interested readers may find a mirror page of these pages at: http://login.datashopper.dk/~pethern/not_by_me_not_my_views/jetrepp.html

News Coverage of the JET REPORT

35 Mirror Sites so far - Last Updated on 03 July, 1997:

Links to Sites providing information about the Jet Report:

JET Report can also be obtained through various Search Engines

Last updated 10 September 1997