Yaman Akdeniz

The INTERNET: Legal Implications for Free Speech and Privacy

MA by Research in Law. (Centre for Criminal Justice Studies)

November, 1996.

Thesis Abstract

†This thesis deals with a new communications system, the Internet. Although it has similarities with traditional communication systems such as the print media, television and the telephone, the Internet has an interactive feature which enables its listeners to participate in dialogues and convey their views.

†This new interactive multi-national environment has raised both freedom of speech and privacy issues related to it. My thesis will describe mainly the UK law with respect to freedom of speech, privacy, and defamation on the Internet but comparisons will be made with the US law where there has been recent developments. The thesis will identify from this description what is so different about the Internet and every chapter will include a critique of the existing law with respect to the Internet based on the values of free speech and privacy for the individual.

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